Still crazy busy around here, but I’ve actually been somewhat productive in the studio. I’m still plugging away at the 10 Things project, currently working on this page:

Yes, I am “cheating” a bit by continuing to copy and paste that army, but I do want to finish this project in my lifetime. The real trick, and what I hope will bring some added entertainment, is on these combined pages I’m trying to show increasing levels of interaction between the various “things”. Every time something new is introduced, the previous “things” react to it, and there’s a bit of a continuation from interactions on the previous pages. The last two group pages are going to be the most challenging.

I’ve also decided to undertake the Inktober challenge, started by artist Jake Parker in 2009ish. He wanted to improve his ink drawing skills as well as foster good art making habits. The challenge is to do one ink drawing a day for the month of October. Obviously, you could adapt the challenge to your current time constraints and only do one every other day, or once a week or something. I’m attempting to do one a day, but I’m a few days behind already (it’s only day 6). But, I’m trying to catch up, doing more than one ink drawing a day. I should be caught up by tomorrow, but given that I’m going away camping with the scouts again this weekend, I’m guessing I’ll be playing catch up by Monday again. I’ll post all the entries here at the end of the month, sort of like a retrospective or something. If you’re impatient to see the ones I’ve done so far, you can check out the Toby’s Brain Face Book page at, and while you’re there, like the page so you can get the mini updates of what’s going on inside my head. My goal is to post shorter things there on a near daily basis, reserving this website for more formal gallery updates and other more in depth posts.