I finished up another page from the 10 Things project:


Oooh, shiny monkeys!

The pages that are just a single phrase are a tad quicker than the combined pages. The next page, obviously, is going to be: 1 hen, 2 ducks, 3 squawking geese, 4 limerick oysters, 5 corpulent porpoises, 6 pairs of Don Alverso’s tweezers, 7 THOUSAND Macedonians dressed in full battle array, and 8 brass monkeys from the ancient sacred crypts of Egypt. These last pages are going to be tough. And nuts. Definitely nuts. But in a good way.

I’m holding off posting any more finished pages to the gallery until I’m done with the book and I start figuring out what to do with it. I may do a few more of these process GIFs because it’s neat. I have added another layer of protection to the images I post, though. I’ve figured out how to embed metadata into the images, so things like this website, my name, copyright stuff, which should be permanently attached to the image no matter where it goes out there into the nether. The fun part is going to be adding it to all the files I’ve already posted, then updating those files here.

In other news, I was bored the other night and decided to perform a Google image search for 1 hen, 2 ducks. The first two hits were my images, so that’s kinda cool.