Right. So, once again, there’s been a gap in posting. There’s been a gap in studioing, too (yes, I’m making that a verb). I had to spend a week performing my civic duty by serving on a jury in a particularly disturbing trial. If not for the subject matter, the whole experience was actually kind of interesting and rewarding. I have a new found understanding of and respect for the concept of a jury of one’s peers. I’m glad to be back in the studio, though.

The first tablet drawing I did (a few weeks ago, now), after finishing up that concept character drawing I had been working on for months (which I don’t have the energy to post about tonight, since I wanted to do a process breakdown of it), was appropriately a portrait of PMD.



It’s nothing special, but I needed to draw, and it was fun. My dad joked about printing it out and hanging it up with the rest of the school pictures of his grandkids. It does have a bit of a school picture vibe to it.

Prior to my jury duty experience, I had been making steady progress on 10 Things. I’m on the finished line work for the last page (the double page spread). It’s a complicated composition, and it took me a while to figure out how and where to start. Of course, once I felt like I knew what I was doing and was getting into a rythym, I had to go to trial for a week. I’ve been back in the studio for two days now, but all I’ve managed to work on is two IPMDT panels. There’s some other “life stuff” going on that is temporarily eating into my studio time a bit, but I plan to get back to 10 Things soon.

As far as other art related news, I may have another book cover project coming up for Mrs. Worrell, which should be cool. Once I wrap up 10 Things, I want to focus on the t-shirt Etsy shop and the mini comic with my wife. There’s several other projects coming up soon, as well (like my last crack at a summer camp shirt being one of them, this being the last year of Cub Scout camp for my youngest son), but first I have to shake the discombobulation of last week and some current, personal events and get back into my studio groove.