Project Description

INKTOBER 52 2023 Day #32: CAUGHT.

“…Does anyone get this reference? Anyone make the connection to ‘caught’? Anyone think this could be an ‘It’s Plunger Monkey Dynamo Time’ album cover?

The very first thing that popped into my Brain when I saw this prompt was ‘caught in a landslide, no escape from reality’ from Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. I tried coming up with something else, because I wasn’t sure how I would even turn that initial thought into an image. Eventually, I gave in to my Brain, Googled the song lyric, saw the classic album cover, and knew what I had to do. In hindsight, I could have maybe put my character Adarax where Fishy is, it would balance the composition a bit better, but I found having the giant, steampunk, flying fish just barely in frame to be funny.

I’m far from unique in being a Queen fan. I think my first introduction to them was the theme song from the 1980 cult classic Flash Gordon movie, which I loved as a kid. Later, there was also the Highlander connection. Queen music was often pumping out of the stereo in my high school art room, too (my art teacher was awesome). We listened to Queen going to, coming from, and during track meets. I’ve pushed through thousands of my own workouts with Queen blasting. They were, and are, such an amazing, universally influential, bigger-than-life band.”