Project Description

INKTOBER 52 2023 Day #46: BELIEVE.

“I really struggled to come up with an idea for this prompt. There were several potential directions, but I had no strong visual ideas for any of them. I considered trying to do something with belief in oneself and how important that is to maintain. It’s something that fluctuates wildly in myself. I can go from the extremes of thinking I’ll never accomplish anything, I’ll never ‘make it’, I can’t do X, Y, or Z, and then believing nothing can stop me, I’ll never get old and die if I choose not to, or I could win a fist fight with a bear. There was potential in this area when thinking about physical activity and how believing that you are capable of something is often the deciding factor in your success or failure (to paraphrase Bruce Lee: The greatest hindrance to the accomplishment of a physical task is the consciousness of self).
There’s also an awful lot of song lyrics with the word believe in them, but having recently gone that route with other prompts, and not having a strong connection to any of the songs I was thinking of, I had no ideas in that direction either.
The one area I kept coming back to was related to make-believe and imagination. It’s kind of central to who I am, after all. That lead me to yet another ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ reference, given that it’s also a major theme of Watterson’s strip. This time around, I went with an allusion to one of the many classic cardboard box adventures the duo had, but mashed together with things from my own imaginative universe. Instead of Calvin and Hobbes encountering dinosaurs in their time traveling box, it’s PMD and Hobbes zapping into the Cobbliverse from my eventually-to-be-finished graphic novel, ‘Revery’, and sharing the skies with Adarax and some gullrays.”

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