Attack of the Life

Well, I blew my streak of consecutive weekly posts last week. There was a very good reason, though: LIFE!

But first: ART.

Back in June, my brother’s family dog, Tweed, passed away. He was 15 years old and had been struggling with several health issues for many years, it’s kind of amazing he lived as long as he did. In fact, the reason he did is because of the love and care my brother and his wife gave him. I know they were understandably both really broken up about his passing, my brother especially. Tweed couldn’t have asked to be part of

Gallery Update: We’re Off to See the Witches…

Well, it’s been quite a while since my last post, so much for the tablet making things easier! Actually, I’ve just been opting to draw in the evenings (on the tablet) rather than make updates. I should probably just set aside one particular evening or something and be consistent with it. I was actually in the middle of a post last night, but the tablet dipped below 60% battery life, which is when it flakes out and reboots itself. I was hopeful that a draft had been autosaved before that happened, but apparently not. Grumble grumble.

Anywhat, while I haven’t been

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