Studio Stuff: Pepere’s Hat

It’s been, again, far too long since I’ve posted here. I’m a little better about making micro updates and posts on the TOBYSBRAIN FB page, but I’ve had a bunch of post ideas-a list, in fact-I just haven’t had the time to get to them. Rest assured you will see them with your own two eyes. At some point. Promise.

Anywho, a lot has transpired in the world of Toby that I’ve wanted to comment on (and I will…I haven’t forgotten. I made that promise just last paragraph). I’ve made some Plunger Monkey art. There were the annual Plunger

Studio Stuff/Gallery Update: Double the Fun

In honor of the fresh chicken egg I had this morning (well, one of the five I had this morning) that contained TWO yolks, I’m giving you a Studio Stuff and a Gallery Update this Monday! Rejoice!

revery-clothes …dirty laundry?

Okay, yeah, I don’t use the traditional easel all that much these days, but that’s not why there’s clothes hanging off it. For starters, that pair of cargo shorts and that Star Wars shirt (I know you can’t tell, but trust me, it’s a Star Wars shirt) is what I wear as a character

Studio Stuff/Influences: Hayao Miyazaki’s Nausicaa and the Valley of Wind

For this Monday’s Studio Stuff, I thought I’d showcase another creator whose work continues to influence me. As I’ve mentioned before, I have tons of influences artistically, and I’m not writing about them in any particular order. I’m basically following what my mood dictates and what I happen to glance at on my shelves when I’m planning a post. These posts also aren’t meant to be reviews or synopses, I’m just going to talk about my connection to the work or the creator and how it has affected me.

(And yes, I know I can find better pictures online that are

Studio Stuff: Mr. Handface

where-the-eyes-are Mr. Handface resting at home amongst friends.

It appears that Monday is becoming Studio Stuff Day. At least for now. I’m still getting my blog legs under me (betcha didn’t know blogs had legs, didja?), but I’m trying to find some level of consistency that doesn’t interfere too much with, you know, actually being productive in my studio.

Anywho, today’s entry is: Mr. Handface. At least, that’s what I call him right now. Everything is subject to change in Toby’s Brain. Mr. Handface is actually just a cool, quirky “ring”/pair of googly eyes.

Studio Stuff/Influences: Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes

I’m adding a sub-category to this Studio Stuff installment called Influences. No matter who you are or what you do, someone or something has influenced you along the way. As an artist, I have many influences, but one of the biggest has to be Bill Watterson and his brilliant Calvin and Hobbes newspaper strip.

Calvin-and-Hobbes-collection My original Calvin and Hobbes collection…I think this is all of them. I let the kids have access to them, so they frequently disappear and get left in odd places…which has a certain Calvin spirit to it.

If you

Studio Stuff: Dynamic Anatomy by Burne Hogarth

Burne Hogarth reference books I keep my prized reference books well guarded at all times.

If you know me, you know I love books (and comic books/graphic novels). If you’ve been in my studio (or you’ve seen the picture of me at my desk on the About Toby page), it’s readily apparent. I’m forever running out of shelf space and daydreaming ways to add more shelving (fortunately Lee and the kids are on board for this in the rest of the house, too). I’m not a terribly materialistic person (I think), I don’t

Studio Stuff: Pepere’s Lamp

The truth is out there (in my studio)! The truth is out there (in my studio)!

Okay, I’m a day late in my update, there were lots of confounding variables yesterday that prevented me from sticking with my Monday update schedule. Hopefully I’ll be consistent in the future, but I’m sure I’ll slip up here and there, because life and stuff.

Anywhat, I still have some old art to go through and edit to add to the gallery, but, since I’ve missed some studio time recently due to a computer rebuild (courtesy

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