Mr. Handface resting at home amongst friends.

It appears that Monday is becoming Studio Stuff Day. At least for now. I’m still getting my blog legs under me (betcha didn’t know blogs had legs, didja?), but I’m trying to find some level of consistency that doesn’t interfere too much with, you know, actually being productive in my studio.

Anywho, today’s entry is: Mr. Handface. At least, that’s what I call him right now. Everything is subject to change in Toby’s Brain. Mr. Handface is actually just a cool, quirky “ring”/pair of googly eyes.



They were a gift from one of my best friends, Jorj, back in our college years. He had a pair, as well, and we wasted countless hours having conversations with our hands. Hm. I wonder if this was a tool to help two introverts communicate better? Probably not, based on the “conversations” our hands had. We’d carry them around in our pockets and pop them on when the mood struck. I kind of forgot about them for quite a few years, what with the rest of life going on and all, but I found them again during one of my studio overhauls. He’s a little worse for wear, on account of living in a pocket for so many years, but I still smile when I look at them.


Boring hand to…


…the epitome of excitement and personality!

If you’ve explored Toby’s Brain a little (and if you haven’t, go do it. Feed my ego, it’s hungry…), you’ve seen a few pictures of Mr. Handface. He’s come out of semi-retirement now that I have a website to keep up with. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get to hang out with Jorj’s Mr. Handface these days. We live far apart and have a slew of kids and “adult” responsibilities between us. I think we’ve only seen each other twice-ish in the last decade. But, we do stay in touch through the magic of the interwebz so the hilarious insanity continues on, and I have plenty of special, weird trinkets and “things” to help keep all such fun memories alive.

So there you have it, Mr. Handface, meet the world.  World, meet Mr. Handface.

Now, on to something productive…I need to finish some shirt designs…