Project Description

What does inkling mean? Or, more importantly, what is an “Inkling”? If you had this shirt, or a copy of Inklings, you’d know! (did you forget to get your copy of Inklings, my 200+ page art book collecting 3 years of Inktober pen and ink illustrations? Luckily, it’s never too late:[0]=AT3fdD0jIO8ptUTpSMN2Q0_OgCwpqCMAj_T4dUl5U-nfRWZqudfcXXSguo4eCkiloPCBRosFVLIQEx9iv4YxZ0KX4NjMoKyaiSmi3KSodIOEyHOs_Qe8dVK7Hw67PFETTjV6L7imFAjB5jgbjOZE-FpI68HHWshYBZtLnhXQAPlmNGde00JOPgCZmcHiEXpRfKkx9y6HE9tH)
If you’d like to see all the new shirts right now, rather than wait for me to post them, head over to Plunger Monkey Designs on Etsy: