Project Description

Here’s another Inklings inspired shirt design you can go decorate your torso with right now! (Don’t have a copy of Inklings yet? For shame! You can pick one up here:[0]=AT3fdD0jIO8ptUTpSMN2Q0_OgCwpqCMAj_T4dUl5U-nfRWZqudfcXXSguo4eCkiloPCBRosFVLIQEx9iv4YxZ0KX4NjMoKyaiSmi3KSodIOEyHOs_Qe8dVK7Hw67PFETTjV6L7imFAjB5jgbjOZE-FpI68HHWshYBZtLnhXQAPlmNGde00JOPgCZmcHiEXpRfKkx9y6HE9tH )
If you want to go see all the new Inklings shirts, as well as all my other shirts, you can head over to the Plunger Monkey Designs Etsy store:
In other news…I’m swamped! I still have some residual PTSD from the days decades ago when I couldn’t figure out what to draw or what direction to go in, so having TOO MANY projects and ideas is a good problem to have. However, it’s still a bit overwhelming. I’m still not done on that “secret” project, I need to do last week’s Inktober 52 prompt, and regular Inktober started yesterday, so I’m already two prompts behind.
Time to get working…