Project Description

Inktober 2021 Day #2: (Squid Mech) SUIT. So…yeah. This one has taken 7 hours and 45 minutes…I think I got a bit carried away. But, in my defense: Squid Mech.

When I started thinking about the prompt, obviously I wanted to avoid a literal suit (I never wear suits, Plunger Monkey doesn’t, either). The next thought was “well, Ironman wears a suit…”. I grew up on Marvel comics, but not Ironman. The movies and the whole MCU have been a treat for me to watch, but I have no particular affinity for Ironman, so that didn’t feel right. Then I started thinking about mech suits in general. I first thought of a Squid Mech, because it sounded cool, but I figured it would be overly complicated. I thought about a Monkey or a Gorilla Mech suit, but my Brain said “No. Squid Mech”, so that’s what I had to do. It was fun, but tedious. Something that could definitely be worked on and refined more, and a concept that could definitely be developed more. Of course, if I ever have to draw this thing again, I think I’d have to create a 3D model of it first to speed things up, because, damn.