Project Description

Inktober 2021 Day #3: VESSEL. I’m only 8 or so days behind…I tried thinking of a different idea for vessel, but I kept coming back to Fishy McFishington of the Cloudsworth Fishingtons. I haven’t drawn him in a while. Actually, I think the last time I drew him was during last year’s Inktober (for FLIGHT as well as BULKY). It added another layer of challenge because I didn’t want to draw something nearly identical. My other challenge was that I tried to cram a lot of detail into a drawing that is relatively small. My lines were frequently derailed by the subtle tooth of the paper (this is a common problem I have when working small. I don’t notice it as much when I make bigger marks), which was frustrating and stressful. I was feeling a bit rusty, my hands are tired from working on the barn, and I wasn’t feeling super excited about this one, especially after drawing that Squid Mech. I don’t have any ideas for the next prompt yet, but I trust I’ll figure something out.