Project Description

Inktober 2021 Day #24: EXTINCT. I spent a long time wracking my Brain trying to come up with a good idea for this one, but I just couldn’t come up with something clever or unique. So, when that happens, I resort to being a bit more obvious in my interpretation of the prompt, and just have PMD sticking a plunger on something. This one did indulge my love of details and working on how to ink textures, which was fun, though tedious. I actually haven’t drawn many dinosaurs, now that I think of it, which is kind of weird considering how much I loved them as a kid. I loved reading books about dinosaurs, though I was mostly interested in the artists’ renderings of them. I loved the National Geographic-type dinosaur shows whenever they aired. I had tons of toy dinosaurs, I did reports on dinosaurs (including one involving a big display piece with some rocks and sand and several clay dinosaurs I made). I was also always a big fan of Bill Watterson’s dinosaur renditions in Calvin and Hobbes (which were somewhat frequent, or at least I remember a lot of them). At the end of the day, this wasn’t a super creative take on ”extinct”, but I had fun.