Project Description

Inktober 2021 Day #25: SPLAT (backed chair). Okay, so, at first glance, this one is probably a “huh?” I was going to go with the more obvious this time around because I thought it would be fun: PMD smooshed up against a pane of glass, maybe with a squashed banana in one hand and an “oof” sign in the other. I wasn’t totally sold on that idea, so I decided to quickly look up the actual definition of “splat”. I learned something. A “splat” is “a piece of thin wood in the center of a chair back.” I did not know that, and I never would have guessed that. I googled some images and found some fancy chairs with ornate carvings, which made me decide to make a squid chair. I thought about it just being a relief type cut in the center of the chair, which would probably be more accurate for a true splat back chair, but this design was more fun. I was going to add a bunch of wood grain texture to it, but thought it would get a bit too busy, and I couldn’t quite come up with a good flow for it.

I kinda want to make an actual squid chair now.