Project Description

INKTOBER 52 2023 Day #39: DREAM.

”Here’s another less-than-obvious interpretation of a prompt. Meet Guan and Jeeto, two members of the ‘Rogue Dream Squad’ from my forever-in-the-works graphic novel ‘Revery’. The Cobblies live in another dimension, existing symbiotically with dreams. When things go according to plan, Cobblies redirect the energy comets that fuel dreams from the Dream Wave and plant them in safe fields, where they can dissipate their energy and be harvested later. Sometimes, though, one of the comets will pop out of the wave on the wrong side, and if it takes root in the Cobblies’ city, chaos follows. There are teams that police populated areas, looking for rogue comets to scoop up and launch back into the wave before they cause any problems. They operate in pairs, with one being a ‘picker’, and the other being the ‘chucker’.

Fun fact about the names Guan and Jeeto: in early versions of the script, I didn’t have names for these two characters, so I referred to them as ‘guard one’ and ‘guard two’, which I shortened to ‘G1’ and ‘G2’, which blurred into ‘Guan’ and ‘Jeeto’.

Plunger Monkey does show up in the story…but he doesn’t try to join the Rogue Dream Squad…”

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