Project Description

INKTOBER 52 2024 Week #2: SLICE.

“Alright, yes, that’s a cat with apple slices for fur on my head, which really happened. Sort of. I tend to have really wacky dreams, which I try to write down when I wake up. I’m sure I must have written about this one somewhere, but I wasn’t able to track it down. The only part I remember is that our cat Nausicaa (who was alive at the time I had the dream) had apple slices for fur and was on my head. I don’t remember anything else anymore, but really, isn’t an apple-slice-fur the most important bit? This is actually the second time I’ve drawn this, too. The first time was way back in 2012ish. I was starting to draw pages for my graphic novel ‘Revery’, a story that was in part inspired by some of my crazy dreams. The opening pages were a montage of random dreams and things I imagined, which slowly transitioned into a specific dream I had to open the adventure. Nausicaa with her apple slice fur on my head was in those opening scenes. When I resume working on ‘Revery’, I’m going to go back to the thumbnailed pages and make a bunch of changes and adjustments to the story and the pacing, so I will be redrawing the 15 or so pages I had done (I also draw differently now). I will definitely be including a third rendition of this moment, though.”

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