Project Description

INKTOBER 52 2024 Week #3: LEGO.

“Chalk this up to something I hope to see one day: a PMD LEGO minifig (and some kind of epic playset yet to be imagined…ooh! Maybe something in the realm of ‘Revery’…). I thought LEGOs were pretty big when I was younger, I certainly had my fair share of them and loved assembling them (I actually really enjoyed the art in the instructions, too. Simple and clear, but beautiful in their weird, isometric perspective way). Once LEGO partnered with a bunch of different creative properties and movie franchises and unleashed some truly unique and amazing sets, it seems like the popularity exploded even more. There’s even been tv shows, animated shows, video games, and animated movies. I have plenty of adult family and friends that love getting and building LEGOs as much (or more) than some of their kids.
My LEGO days were pre-franchise tie ins (can I take a moment to mention how awesome the various LEGO video games are? So creative and addictive with all the collectibles and secrets, all with a heavy dose of humor. The first time I played ‘LEGO Star Wars’ with one of my younger cousins was a hilarious experience. I didn’t even know it was a thing at that point until he asked me to help him complete something. We spent at least twenty minutes at a Storm Trooper helmet generator putting on helmets and slapping them off each other’s heads before we could use them to complete the objective). As a kid, I had some of the space vehicles with the cool colored window pieces and computer terminals. I also had some pirate and ‘Forestmen’ sets, the latter of which had this really cool hidden rock cave thing. LEGO was not only great, creative fun, but a source of imagination fuel.”

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