Project Description

INKTOBER 52 2024 Week #4: SPLASH.

“Chalk water up to one of those things I need to spend more time practicing. I really wracked my Brain trying to design this splash, and I’m not super happy with it. I wound up going more literal with this prompt because I didn’t have a better idea (and I couldn’t come up with a way for PMD to put a plunger on a splash), and I thought the dynamic pose for PMD would be fun. It’s also, once again, a bit of an homage to ‘Calvin and Hobbes’. Bill Watterson was a master at capturing environments and organic elements with lots of energy. To my eyes, it felt like he drew the impression of things. When he drew Calvin and Hobbes playing in the snow, you could feel the snow. If he drew Calvin and Hobbes on a woodland adventure in the fall, you could smell and hear the dried, crunchy leaves. When he drew Calvin and Hobbes having a grand ol’ time jumping in a puddle and splashing water everywhere, you were in the chaos of the water getting soaked.
What makes all that even more impressive to me when it comes to trying to draw water is that you’re using lines to draw something that is essentially formless. It has no hard edges, but lines inherently are hard edges. Obviously, it can be done, plenty of artists – including Watterson – render water beautifully. I just need to observe, study, and practice more.”

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