Gallery Update: Random Doodleage…and another reveal…

Still not ready for the PMD themed post (I won’t say retrospective again…wait…), still too much editing and still hoping to get a few pictures or scans of some PMD cards I’ve sent out over the years. In the meantime I’m edging closer to getting my shirt designs uploaded, which is inching me closer to

Gallery Update: One Last Mother’s Day Card…and something special…

Alright, before we get too much further out from Mother’s Day 2015, I wanted to post up the card I made for my sister-in-law and my brother, who are expecting their first child soon. They’ll make great parents, with or without any assistance or advice from Plunger Monkey. Doing custom, personalized, hand drawn cards is

Gallery Update: Current Projects

I’ve been working on a few side projects the last few weeks (like that single comic book page for Bill Gauthier), but I’m finally back to working on “my” stuff, which currently is coming up with some more t-shirt designs. I have a ton of ideas floating around in my head, a ton

Coming Soon to a Torso Near You!

What?! Two updates in the same week? Is it time for that announcement?! How?! Who?! Where?! Taco?!

Okay, two reasons for two updates this week.  First, the kids are on vacation next week, so I know my studio time is going to be compromised. While I won’t have to deal with making lunches and helping with

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