Gallery Update: A Moleskin Story

Alright, two weeks in a row of updating the website! Shall we take bets on how long the streak will last? I vote for Q, because my brain.

Speaking of spelling (I know we weren’t, but my brain and I were), am I even spelling “moleskin” correctly? I’ve noticed it autocorrects to “moleskinE”, which doesn’t make much sense to me phonetically, unless I’ve been pronouncing it wrong all these years as well. Either way, I don’t care, so let’s move on.

If you actually had the interest or patience to have read last week’s blog entry, you may recall

Work In Progress: Revisiting Some Old Wilhelm Concept Art

As expected, the summer schedule is mucking with my studio schedule, which means art making is more sporadic, leading to inconsistent site updates. My apologies. I am somehow still managing to make progress towards some goals, but it is slower than I’d like.

Anywhat, this happened a few nights ago:

Toby-Gray-dragon-monk-drawing-by-the-fire Some good ol’ fireside sketching.

The boys built a fire pit last summer, and we’ve been trying to make good use of it. I hadn’t done much drawing in the previous two weeks, tied up with the normal summer “life” obligations as well as

Gallery Update: Happy Birthday, Happy Wedding Anniversary…and Squids…

Memorial Day turned out to be very busy for me and my family, so this site update is a day late. First, I have to wish my memere a very happy 94th birthday! I miss you, and here’s to 94 more!

Secondly, an equally Happy First Anniversary to my cousin and his lovely wife. Sometime in 2013, they approached me and asked if I’d be willing to help them design their wedding invitations. Family is my top priority, so of course I said “yes”. The water has big significance in their individual and shared lives, so they really wanted a nautical

Gallery Update: Random Doodleage…and another reveal…

Still not ready for the PMD themed post (I won’t say retrospective again…wait…), still too much editing and still hoping to get a few pictures or scans of some PMD cards I’ve sent out over the years. In the meantime I’m edging closer to getting my shirt designs uploaded, which is inching me closer to opening the “shop”. I’m also designing some shirts for my oldest son’s Boy Scout troop and trying to source a local print shop to handle the job.

Anywhat, I thought I’d add some more random art to the gallery. The Vampire Banana featured above was an

Gallery Update: Dragon Rider

I was thinking about doing that PMD retrospectivey thingy post, but as I was combing through old sketchbooks and accumulating a ton of photos that I need to edit before posting, I realized I don’t have copies of some of the cards (and possibly envelopes) I’ve made over the years. I know I don’t have an image of the card I made for my best friend Jorj when he got married several years ago. I have a sketch of a birthday card but no idea who it was for and I have no copy of the finished card. So, if

Gallery Update: Mother’s Day Mega Update

Happy belated Mother’s Day! I’m either one or two days late, depending on how much longer this monster site update actually takes. We traveled to see family for the actual holiday, and the inescapable mundanities of life kept me from working in the studio, and getting to this update, until everyone else was in bed for the night. I also lost a chunk of the day to actually tracking down all the art I needed to photograph for this post. Speaking of this post…on to the actual post! (WARNING: this is going to be a longish one with lots of

Gallery Update: Sketchbook Archaeology

I was flipping through an old, hardly used sketch book yesterday and stumbled upon some drawings from 2009ish that I really liked (well, as much as I ever like any of my own art, I tend to be very self-critical). This featured image here is a Crab Raccoon…if you couldn’t tell. My friend Jorj had mentioned that one of his daughters always mispronounced “crab rangoons” as “crab raccoons”, so we decided we had to draw it. This was my vision of such a critter. It was relatively quick, but lots of fun at the time as this was towards the

Gallery Update, Undeserved Presents, and Randomness


Vinland-saga-book-3 I now have one…two…THREE Vinland Saga collections! Hahaha!

What can I say? My wife’s good. She either loves me or she’s trying to bribe me to do something (like finish the master bathroom…). Or both. Totally undeserved and unexpected, but yay nonetheless.

Anywho, I spent yesterday working on a “shout out” to be included in my middle son’s yearbook. He’s a fourth grader, which means he’ll be graduating and moving on to the middle school (where have the years gone?). Parents of fourth graders get to include a custom message in the printing

Gallery Update/Current Projects: The Evolution of Ostogri

I don’t have any new art to post at the moment, though I have been generating some. I’ve been plugging away at those t-shirt designs (all the while learning cool new Photoshop tricks to stream line things), which I hope to have done…sometime. I’m looking forward to having a good smattering of designs for sale and art I can add to the gallery here. I’ve spent some time working on a logo for a youth leadership program my cousin and his wife are heavily involved in. It was very different from what I normally do, but another opportunity to learn

Studio Stuff/Gallery Update: Double the Fun

In honor of the fresh chicken egg I had this morning (well, one of the five I had this morning) that contained TWO yolks, I’m giving you a Studio Stuff and a Gallery Update this Monday! Rejoice!

revery-clothes …dirty laundry?

Okay, yeah, I don’t use the traditional easel all that much these days, but that’s not why there’s clothes hanging off it. For starters, that pair of cargo shorts and that Star Wars shirt (I know you can’t tell, but trust me, it’s a Star Wars shirt) is what I wear as a character

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