Alrighty, I’m adding another semi-regular blog entry called WIP, which stands for “work in progress”. I thought it might be fun to share my process as it evolves as well as let people see what I’m currently working on, regardless of it’s state of finish. The images from these posts won’t make it into the gallery until the image is done, though. Hopefully it will give me more material to post about as well as help keep me on track and focused on finishing things, which can be tough when I have so many ideas and so many distra-look! Squirrel!

It was also an excuse to craft a new logo, which I’m enjoying doing.

Anywhat, you all remember our good friend, Willy McEyeballs?


‘Ello, again.

Do you remember I said I might turn him into a full fledged digital painting? Well, I did say that, and I started working on it 2 days ago, just cuz. The first order of business was making a transparency out of the line work so I could paint underneath it. After several hours, I decided the line work wasn’t “clean” enough, so I went back and started doing some tighter “pencils” over this original moleskin sketch.


I’m all clean and fresh smelling now!

I still have some work ahead of me as far as penciling, and quite a bit more to do as far as painting, too. I blocked in the local colors and slapped down some rough shadows, but there’s still A LOT of refining and painting ahead.


That other guy standing outside says his name is Sherman…

As you can see, still pretty rough. The fun thing (aside from all of it), is that at some point last night my brain told me these two guys live in the same world as Adarax and the other Cobblies in Revery, known as the Cobbliverse. It’s a different locale than where Revery is set, but a future story in that universe will definitely involve meeting these two.

So, there you have it. That’s what I’m currently working on. I think I have all my current t-shirt designs ready to upload. With all the interruptions I’ve had in the last month, I wanted to make sure I spent some time going over the images and reformulating my next steps just to make sure I’m not overlooking something. Right now, however, I need to go get cleaned up and head over to the elementary school to watch my middle son graduate from 4th grade…which doesn’t seem possible already…