May 7th was Free Comic Book Day this year. Last year we hit up one of our favorite comic book stores after a Cub Scout event, and this year was the same (though the events were different). Apparently we shelled out enough dough last year, and on some more unique books than the standard fare, that the owner actually remembered us and had some suggestions to boot. I still have quite a few things that I haven’t gotten around to reading yet, I think I just need to shut myself in my studio for a day or two and do nothing but read (I’ll keep you posted if that ever happens so you can watch out for the pig turds…you know, from the flying pigs…).

Anywhat, without further ado, here’s the haul from this year:


The free stuff. There were some good offerings this year. Unfortunately they disappeared into the kids’ room and I haven’t seen them since. There are a few of these I want to check out.


Here’s the big shot of all the actual purchases. I couldn’t get an angle that didn’t have at least one of the covers disappearing in the light glare. In the upper left corner you’ll see some Pokemon cards that our youngest picked up that day.


Here’s a closeup so you can actually make out some of the books. I enjoyed the nuttiness that was The Metabarons enough that I grabbed several more offerings from the Humanoids publisher. Izuna is their take on the same mythology that Princess Mononoke comes from, so I’m excited to read that. I’m also pretty happy to have found volume 2 of Tellos by the late Mike Wieringo (who tragically died from cancer way too young several years ago). There’s also a Frank Cho book (I love his art), some Dark Tower graphic novels, and something called Squarriors…

Here’s the other half of the close up. Our cat obsessed kid found several cat-based comics, along with some Garfields and Doodle Jump, so he was happy. They’re all excited about the Tin Tin comics, too. I’m pretty excited about the 2 volume The Stand boxed set and Nnewts, which is by the same guy who did Carboard (which was wacky, insane, and awesome). My feet were NOT purchased on Free Comic Book Day. I already owned those.

Everything we actually spent money on was somewhere between 30-50% off, which is how we managed to snag so much good stuff. Then again, we only wind up going there once or twice a year, so somehow that justifies buying mass quantities of awesome stuff in one shot, I think.

Anyway, another great Free Comic Book Day, time to get reading!