Project Description

INKTOBER 52 2023 Day #42: PLUMP.

“Yet another PMD merch idea…may have to work on the likeness, though. Plump was a tough prompt to do without potentially being insensitive or insulting to overweight folks. Plunger Monkey isn’t about that. I didn’t want to draw a rotund PMD just for a laugh, that didn’t seem kind. I was always a skinny kid and was fairly self-conscious about it for a long time. It was one of several reasons I started working out and is a small part of why I still do. Since Plunger Monkey is very much a reflection of me, making him overweight just didn’t feel right either. I figured a big, fluffy ‘stuffie’ was a safe-ish approach. It as actually somewhat challenging to take the way I draw PMD, which is already pretty simplified and cartoony, and simplify and exaggerate him even more while paradoxically giving him slightly more realistic textures (like his fur). I thought about going nuts stippling in order to give him a recognizable felt-like texture, but decided I would probably make things too muddy.
Anyway, I think I could imagine a Plunger Monkey stuffed animal, probably in a similar style to a ‘Beanie Baby’…anyone remember those and that crazy fad? If only PMD was famous back then…”

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