Project Description

INKTOBER 52 2023 Day #43: REMOVE.
“The age old debate: slow or fast? Personally, I prefer fast, unless I’m feeling particularly masochistic or something. I wonder which method removes the most hair? I think when people get hair removed via waxing, it’s usually a quick pull. Then again, the adhesive on a band-aid is probably much weaker, and some band-aid scientist probably spent a very long time perfecting the ideal ratio of stickiness without being too sticky, which logically would be the opposite of the hair-removal-wax scientist. I don’t really know, though. There’s probably a surface area component as well, so I would guess a bigger bandage would be more difficult to remove quickly because physics and stuff. I think I like ripping the band-aid off quickly because the pain happens all at once, and for some reason my Brain thinks it’s the equivalent of yanking a tablecloth off a table while leaving all the place settings intact. Going slowly, you feel each individual hair follicle being tugged. When you do that with the tablecloth trick, everything falls over or winds up smashed on the floor. Therefore, my Brain thinks going slow plucks more hairs.
It must stink to be a monkey with a cut.
What a weird thing to spend time thinking about…”
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