Sketchbook: I Hate the Way I Draw Heads…

It’s been a jam-packed, busy week, so I don’t have much of an update, unfortunately. I did a little sketching last week, still trying to work on the composition for that piece of concept art in my last entry.

Toby-Gray-dragon-monk-sketch-5 A bit of a combination of the previous two layouts. I’m going to have to gather some visual references to help me define the plateau these characters are standing on so it looks like they are way up in the mountains and not standing in a field with mountains in the distance.

Work In Progress: Revisiting Some Old Wilhelm Concept Art

As expected, the summer schedule is mucking with my studio schedule, which means art making is more sporadic, leading to inconsistent site updates. My apologies. I am somehow still managing to make progress towards some goals, but it is slower than I’d like.

Anywhat, this happened a few nights ago:

Toby-Gray-dragon-monk-drawing-by-the-fire Some good ol’ fireside sketching.

The boys built a fire pit last summer, and we’ve been trying to make good use of it. I hadn’t done much drawing in the previous two weeks, tied up with the normal summer “life” obligations as well as

Gallery Update: Dragon Rider

I was thinking about doing that PMD retrospectivey thingy post, but as I was combing through old sketchbooks and accumulating a ton of photos that I need to edit before posting, I realized I don’t have copies of some of the cards (and possibly envelopes) I’ve made over the years. I know I don’t have an image of the card I made for my best friend Jorj when he got married several years ago. I have a sketch of a birthday card but no idea who it was for and I have no copy of the finished card. So, if

Gallery Update/Current Projects: The Evolution of Ostogri

I don’t have any new art to post at the moment, though I have been generating some. I’ve been plugging away at those t-shirt designs (all the while learning cool new Photoshop tricks to stream line things), which I hope to have done…sometime. I’m looking forward to having a good smattering of designs for sale and art I can add to the gallery here. I’ve spent some time working on a logo for a youth leadership program my cousin and his wife are heavily involved in. It was very different from what I normally do, but another opportunity to learn

Gallery Update: Look! Up in the sky! It’s…whales?!

Some back pain flare ups and my eternal struggle with getting computers to like me kept me from making this post last week, so the regularly scheduled Monday Studio Stuff post will happen some other time, hopefully this week. But for now, a little blast from my past…

Toby-Gray-flying-whales-color-photo Look, flying whales! Nobody’s ever drawn THAT before…

First off, after a little digging, I’ve discovered this photo is the only copy I have of this image in color. This was another example of my early dabbling with incorporating digital into my workflow by scanning

Gallery Update: Some old “Wilhelm” Concept Art

Prior to my wife lovingly strong-arming me into the digital art world, I had been tentatively dipping my toes into those waters for several years. Like many, I had started out by doing traditional graphite or charcoal drawings and then scanning them and trying to color them digitally. This process was clunky for a lot of reasons, but a major road block for me had been trying to do all that Photoshop coloring and whatnot with a mouse rather than a stylus. At one point I tried to incorporate another traditional aspect one of my college professors, illustrator and teacher

Ready for my close up

So, I had said I would post some zoomed in sections of Ohrim vs the Cave Squid because I had put so much time and attention into little details, so here are 3. The trouble for me is, when I zoom in, I still see bits I want to fix, things I’m not quite happy with.  This particular piece clocked in at just about 70 hours, which is probably far too long for any one piece.  The more I do, the faster I should get, though.Toby Gray Ohrim-vs-the-cave-squid-zoom2-FW

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