Well, technically it’s Thursday…not quite 2 weeks since the last time I should have posted…so, here you go:


So, um, yeah. I’ve been busy. This little project started as a fun idea, but I got carried away, figuring I owed something special for missing so many updates. I improved some of my skills and learned quite a few new tricks, many of which will be applicable to some actual digital drawing and painting. This was quite fun, though tedious, and there’s a lot more painting in these than you might expect. Generating the light sabers was pretty easy and quick. Creating their reflected light was not. I spent a bunch of time hunting YouTube for tutorials, I found plenty on making the light saber, but it seems no one cares to deal with the fact that they cast light. I couldn’t find any easy way to do it (short of actually having a light saber to photograph to begin with), so all that colored light bouncing around in those photos is hand painted. Not terribly impressive, but it works okay (it sure took a lot of time). I also threw together a Studio Stuff logo, just reusing the image from my site logo. Now that I’ve learned how to do some “fancy” things in Photoshop, especially with text, I may revisit the site logo and improve the font. Not sure though, and it’s definitely low in the priority list right now. I want to keep the Studio Stuff logo, but I’m going to change out the image inside the text (technically, it’s behind the text based on my layering, but I digress…) eventually. Again, low priority.

Anychickens, hopefully you didn’t miss me too much (or maybe I should want you to miss me more?) and you are able to enjoy what came out of my absence here. I may do more photo comics in the future…maybe.