Hey, maybe I’m back on track with site updates! Of course, this is the last week of school for my kids, so who knows what next week will bring.

Anyway, I’m powering through a headache to bring you this:


Better take the warning seriously…

Hopefully this arrived in time for his college graduation party yesterday, otherwise…oops. One of my cousins, who really shouldn’t be old enough because time shouldn’t be moving forward, graduated from college recently. His family threw him a party yesterday, but, being 2+ hours away and busy, we weren’t able to attend. But, I did take the time to draw him this custom card and include some words of wisdom (not shown here. Maybe when YOU graduate from college or do something special I’ll share them with you. But not yet. You gotta earn it).

I’m still thinking about that massive PMD post, but I keep putting it off because there’s so much editing and coordinating that has to happen and I’ve had little enough studio time lately as is. Since the photo comic post last week, I have managed to edit some of the t-shirt designs and get them closer to seeing the light of day. Speaking of which…


Some day soon you can have your very own Multi-Purpose Novelty Squid!

Here’s another peak at one of my shirt designs, none other than the Multi Purpose Novelty Squid that PMD keeps raving about. In case you’re as selectively observant as I am sometimes, you’ll notice that he’s in the new Gallery Update logo, too. And speaking of logos and selective observation…did you notice I updated the website logo? That may be where my headache came from, I wasn’t paying attention at the time as I was too busy concentrating on how to make the logo do what I wanted it to do. See, I made the original logo over a year ago, and as one would hope, my digital skillz have improved. So, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to take stuff that I did in a really convoluted manner with my old skill set and make it work the way I wanted it to. Apparently I’m not readily backwards compatible.

Anywhat, time to go punch this headache out of my skull. Toby’s Brain no like headache! Toby’s Brain SMASH!