Hey! Look at that! Another new shirt design available at the Plunger Monkey Designs Etsy store! And you can get it in PURPLE!

I originally drew this image in black and white as a “shout out” to my youngest son in his elementary school year book. Plunger Monkey’s sign originally said something specific to him and moving on to fifth grade, which obviously needed to change when I decided to color this and make it a shirt. I went with “get on your cats and ride!” as a bit of a nod to Queen’s Fat Bottom Girls’ line “get on your bikes and ride”. It just seemed to fit.

Don’t worry, it’s available in the standard black, too. But, given why this shirt exists (my purple-loving youngest son), I had to offer it in purple, as well. I still really love this image, and I’m pretty happy with the addition of color to it.

I’ve been puttering away at two new shirt designs, as well (this one sort of being old in that I drew the line art 2 or so years ago). I’m hung up on a few variation ideas, but I’ll sort that out soon. After that, there’s another “old” image I want to convert to a shirt, as well as something special that will either be one shirt using old art or a series of shirts using old art. I haven’t decided yet. However, given the number of shirt ideas I have in the works, I’m thinking of releasing one a week until I’m through them all, call it New Shirt Friday or something like that. I do need to get back to IPMDT and Inside Toby’s Brain and Revery and such, but these next few weeks will mostly be shirt focused. Stay tuned.