PMD Xmas Card Envelopes and 2022 Year in Review…and how the heck is it 2023?!?

Another year, another…something? As cliched as it is to say, I’m baffled that another year has slipped by. On the one hand, it’s great we all made it through to be reading (or writing in my case) this here blog post. On the other hand…where did the time go? I don’t often think about how old I am, and the fact that I keep getting older (though I do think about other people getting older, strangely), but more and more these days I am aware of my age and just how many things I still haven’t managed to accomplish. It’s very

Gallery (and Stuff) Update: Insert Witty and Creative Title Here

I told you my hot streak of blog posts at the start of the year wouldn’t last. It’s been a month or more since my last post here, but, as is usually the case, I’ve been keeping busy. I’ve been working on Inside Toby’s Brain a lot, as well as focusing on my latest sewing project for more than a month now, I think. Somewhere along the way, I also did another book cover for L.S. Gagnon:

Thea The Little Witch: The Search for Coco is the sixth book in

Gallery Update: The Moleskin Awakens!

Hi! Yes, I’m still alive. I don’t know why I need to keep reassuring everyone of that. Why is everyone expecting me to be dead? Maybe you just like the sense of elation you feel when you realize I’m still breathing and working towards my Artistic Destiny (TM)? Whatever it is, I’m still here.

Now that the kids are back in school and all on the same bus schedule (gone are the days of 3+ bus stops a day for me. I drop them off at the bus stop at 6:30am, they walk home after getting off the bus in the

American Ninja Warrior…and stuff.

So, once again, it’s been far too long since I’ve posted here. I’ve been a little better about posting on my FB page (I just added today’s manga self portraits, the first in about 20 days), but not much in the last few weeks. I’ve had other obligations, I’ve been renovating the guest room in our house, prepping for the holidays, etc.

One thing I did get around to though (aside from seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens on opening night and the following night), was filming my latest entry video for American  Ninja Warrior. I’ve got a long

WIP: 10 Things

Some time last week I finally dusted off the 10 Things file and got working on it again. I’m currently working on page…well, I don’t know which number it will be, I haven’t been keeping track. But, it has 1 hen, 2 ducks, 3 squawking geese, 4 limerick oysters, 5 corpulent porpoises, 6 pairs of Don Alverso’s Tweezers, and 7 THOUSAND Macedonians dressed in full battle array on it:

Toby-Gray-10-things-1-7-WIP These last pages are getting complicated…

I have corner registration marks roughed in on a separate layer still turned on here. They just give

Work In Progress: Process

Well, today is the kids’ first official day of summer vacation, and I’m managing to update the site. Hopefully that bodes well for the summer. Before I get to the actual post, I’d like to wish all my fellow dad’s out there a Happy Belated Father’s Day. Were it not for my own dad, I probably wouldn’t be pursuing my crazy art dreams. When he was younger, he dreamed of being a cartoonist or animator, likely working for Disney (to this day he’s a huge Disney fan, you should see my parents’ house. There’s your standard figurines and art, but

Gallery Update: Dragon Rider

I was thinking about doing that PMD retrospectivey thingy post, but as I was combing through old sketchbooks and accumulating a ton of photos that I need to edit before posting, I realized I don’t have copies of some of the cards (and possibly envelopes) I’ve made over the years. I know I don’t have an image of the card I made for my best friend Jorj when he got married several years ago. I have a sketch of a birthday card but no idea who it was for and I have no copy of the finished card. So, if

Gallery Update: Willy McEyeballs

So tonight was our oldest son’s 6th grade band concert. I tend to get antsy at these because there’s so many people. I’ve been thinking lately that I need to do more sketch book sketching anyway, so I grabbed a fresh moleskin sketch book and mechanical pencil to give me something to do while listening to the band and to take my mind off the throngs of people.

moleskin I used to carry a moleskin all the time, but I found it cumbersome. I need more pockets. I was excited to be able to

Gallery Update: Sketchbook Archaeology

I was flipping through an old, hardly used sketch book yesterday and stumbled upon some drawings from 2009ish that I really liked (well, as much as I ever like any of my own art, I tend to be very self-critical). This featured image here is a Crab Raccoon…if you couldn’t tell. My friend Jorj had mentioned that one of his daughters always mispronounced “crab rangoons” as “crab raccoons”, so we decided we had to draw it. This was my vision of such a critter. It was relatively quick, but lots of fun at the time as this was towards the

Gallery Update: Some old “Wilhelm” Concept Art

Prior to my wife lovingly strong-arming me into the digital art world, I had been tentatively dipping my toes into those waters for several years. Like many, I had started out by doing traditional graphite or charcoal drawings and then scanning them and trying to color them digitally. This process was clunky for a lot of reasons, but a major road block for me had been trying to do all that Photoshop coloring and whatnot with a mouse rather than a stylus. At one point I tried to incorporate another traditional aspect one of my college professors, illustrator and teacher

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