New Shirt Update: Samurai Helmet

A bit longer in the making than I intended, but my first shirt offering of 2020 is finally done and available over at my Etsy store, Plunger Monkey Designs!

This started as a potential embroidered patch design for a karate friend’s bike club, but we went with a different image. I liked the sketch enough, and I had thought about a samurai helmet design before, that I turned it into a shirt (and potential sticker). This is another “theme” image, I have several other ideas to turn this into a

New Shirt Friday: 10 Things for Your Torso!

It’s New Shirt Friday time! As promised, here’s the much anticipated (well, not really) 10 Things shirt!

I wish I could say I came up with this design idea myself, but it was my middle son that inspired this. I was going through a gazillion variations for a 10 Things shirt when my son peered over my shoulder at my iPad and said “Oh, I thought you were going to do each page in a grid”, similar to the Faces/Emotions of Vader (or Chewbacca) shirts (I have them both). It’s brilliant.

New Shirt Friday: 100% Plunger Monkey Approved!

You know, I should have titled all these weekly posts as New Shirt Friday: (insert appropriate and/or witty subtitle). Oh well.

Anytacos, it’s New Shirt Friday again!

I like the badge/stamp motif. I came up with several variations of this particular design (not uncommon for me) and struggled to chose one to go with. The others will likely get a few tweaks and be available at some point. Maybe I’ll do a new 100% Plunger Monkey Approved shirt every year or something. It’s a simple, clean design and I like it. I had wanted

New Shirt Alert: Eye of the Tiger 2.0

It’s later than I’d like, but it’s still New Shirt Friday! Despite the kids being home for April vacation this week, I’m still hitting my weekly goal, which feels good. I spent a lot of time this week tinkering with a whole variety of different shirt ideas in between life and parenting interruptions. I was mostly done with this week’s shirt design earlier in the week, but I made a few tweaks all the way up until listing it moments ago (partially because I forgot to do a few steps). After working on the image intently for a few days,

Finally! Time to go BACK to Braining!

Hey. How’s it goin’? It’s been awhile.


However, I have been keeping rather busy. Aside from all the standard life and scout related obligations, I spent the bulk of the first 3 months of 2019 (how the heck has it already been 3 months?!) finally trying to tackle some big goals that I’ve been avoiding, tasks that I have been referring to as “braining” (business stuff), as opposed to “Braining” (being creative and manifesting all these things running around my skull). I don’t try to hide the fact that the financial, administrative, and business aspects of being an artist are not

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